Illumin-Ave: Infinite Essence

Client: Hazelwood Local

Format: Lightbox

Dimensions: 36"x24"

Opening Reception: Friday, Dec 10, 2021 (6-9 pm)

Exhibition: Dec 3, 2021 - Jan 31, 2022

5039 Second Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

In collaboration with Hazelwood Local, Mikael Owunna was commissioned to create a series of store-front Infinite Essence light boxes along Hazelwood’s historic Second Avenue. Owunna chose a sequence of four images that illustrate a West African Dogon myth of creation - “Amma’s Womb,” “Amma Emerges from Their Womb,” “Amma Creates the World, Molding the Po,” and “The Vision of Innekouzou.” Installed Dec 3, 2021 - Jan 31, 2022, the installation was accompanied by a series of community events attended by over 100 people.