The Nommo Twins

Client: CAM Raleigh

Format: Vinyl Mural

Dimensions: 184" x 96" 

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 22, 2021

Exhibition: Oct 1, 2021 -Feb 13, 2022

409 W Martin St, Raleigh NC 27503

On the occasion of Mikael Owunna's exhibition at CAM Raleigh of work from his series Cosmologies and of his film Obi Mbu (The Primordial House): An Igbo Creation Myth (co-directed with Marques Redd), a large-scale vinyl mural of The Nommo Twins  was installed on the exterior wall of the museum for the duration of the exhibition. 

The divine Nommo twins in West African Dogon cosmology represent both the first ancestors and gods from which all people descend. Nommo Die, “Great Nommo,” was the first and remains in heaven as the agent of the creator god Amma. His twin Nommo Titiyane, “Messenger of the Nommo,” guards and protects his spiritual principles. Together, they play a central role in the cosmic structure and unfolding of the universe.