Limit(less) Project: Kim

Limit(less) is a documentary photography project by Mikael Owunna exploring the visual aesthetics of LGBTQ African immigrants. 

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Kim: Trans Burundian (Canada)

Q. What’s your name, country of origin, ethnicity, pronouns, and how do you identify in terms of your LGBTQ identity?

My name is  Kim, I’m a trans woman from Burundi. I answer to she.

Q. How would you describe your style?

On my best days, i’m serving dementor who has eaten all the souls she needs to get her life back lol. But i also channel some pink princess looks when im feeling cute and deceptive. It really depends on what character i want to be and the story i want to tell that day.

Q. How do you think your style incorporates/blends elements of your African and LGBTQ identity?

I think I blend my queer identity and my african identity in my style through storytelling. I love reading east african stories about warrior princesses and powerful witches (who are often trans and queer)  leading their army in wars against the colonizers and slaying. I think of those women when i’m walking down the street, bracing for a comment or a look or finger pointed at me, i think of how they fought to keep their lands and bodies. Everytime i step outside of my house, i am at war with white supremacy so my looks are some sort of armours that i wear.

Q. Was there ever a time where you felt pushed away from your African or LGBTQ identities? If so, how did you overcome that personally?

I think that it still happens that i feel pushed away by people deeming me not “african enough”, the difference is that now i don’t actually make space for them to make me doubt my identity. I find pride in all the things I was taught to hate about myself and i am doing that work constantly, everyday.

Q. What would you have to say to people who say that being LGBTQ is “un-African”?

I’d tell them to read a book tbh unless they are paying me to hit them with a few facts. It actually doesn’t even make any sense as a concept so I wouldn’t engage in that conversation lol

Q. How was participating in the Limit(less) shoot?

It was so fun! 

Q. What are you most excited about for Limit(less)?

I’m excited to see more of these beautiful faces and stories. 

Q. Where are you comfortable with people reaching you on social media?

Instagram: @blacksupremacist

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